10 Fun Ideas for Baby Shower Themes

It is an exciting thing when your bestie or sister or someone close to you says they are pregnant. Ok, so now you want to throw them a baby shower. What on earth do you do? Do you make it a Jack and Jill? How about a diaper party? With so many ideas out there, which one do you choose? Here are some suggestions.

1) Baby Build-a-Library: This is a cute idea. You ask your guests to bring a favourite story from their childhood with a gift card tucked in between the pages.


2) Feather Their Nest: You can give your guests a birdseed ornament (diy) as party favors. Also, the color scheme is completely adjustable to whatever the parents prefer.


3) B is for Baby Letter Party: Letters are super cost efficient decorations that you can organize to fit your theme. You could even buy every letter in the baby’s name to give to the parents as a souvenir.


4) Welcome Young Jedi: You can make Yoda Soda and Wookie Cookies. You can ask your guests to bring Star Wars themed presents too!


5) Rub-a-Dub-Dub a New Duckie in the Tub: This is totally gender neutral and it’s oh so cute! Your guests can bring duckie themed presents or gift cards.


6) For the Future Harry Potter (Gryffindor of course): How cute is that!


7) Your Missing Piece: Your little bundle of joy is your missing piece in your family. How adorable! Create a puzzle using the expectant parent’s picture and incorporate puzzle pieces into your decor!


8) Your Little Minions: This is a great theme for those of you who are expecting twins.


9) Apple of Your Eye: You will have so many apples to make pies with after it’s over. Also, although this example is super ~fancy~, it’s an idea that could be easily put together on a tighter budget.


10) Polka Dots & Pearls: Mandy’s baby shower was an elegant pink polka dots and pearls theme. Guests received a “pearl” necklace from the dollar store when they arrived and the room was decorated in shades of pink with polka dots and pearl strands through-out!


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