4 Creative Storage Ideas using Boxes and Baskets

Storage solutions are something that most of us find challenging, whether you have kids or dogs or, frankly, neither. There are lots of ways to store all your stuff. My favorite is boxes and baskets. Here are four great ways to use boxes and baskets to improve your storage!

  1. A storage ottoman is a really great thing to have if it opens and you can tuck things in there. If you have an open coffee table, you can use baskets underneath to provide hidden storage for toys, pet supplies, headphones and other items.
  2. Another area that can get cluttered is the mantle. It’s usually a feature point in a home, so it’s important to keep it neat. Decorative boxes, for instance, which coordinate with the space can be put on the mantle. You can easily hide things like keys, matches or remotes. All these things would look so cluttered just lying around. In the box, you can’t even tell they’re there.
  3. We can always tuck something behind a chair or a sofa. We have baskets for that quick cleanup, where you can throw the blanket when the guests are coming. Just tuck it away behind the chair or sofa.
  4. Boxes that look like books are fantastic! This is where you can tuck away the ugly remotes, card games and other items you use frequently. When you shut it, it looks nice and neat.

So there it is. Lots of tips and tricks with some of my favorite ways to keep your space decluttered. There’s no excuse. Whether it’s a basket or a box, tuck it all away. Make it nice and neat.

Tips from Designer Evelyn Eshun, Canadian Home Trends Magazine Design & Event Editor

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