4 Types Of Clothes To Pack When Vacationing In The Mid-West During Summer

When vacationing in the Midwest, you can be rewarded with meandering rivers, lush greenery, vast fields and stunning sunsets. Summertime in these states means warm temperatures, for the most part, but the warmth also means you will see all the trees and flowers in their magnificence. The topography and weather conditions do vary from state to state in this region, but there are specific clothing items you should pack for any of them.

1.) Waterproof Windbreaker

High winds and rain showers are not rarities in Midwestern summers. Pack a lightweight, waterproof windbreaker for your trip. If your suitcase space is limited, you can find emergency ponchos that will also suit this purpose. These are extra compact, waterproof ponchos used by hikers. Look for them in any store that sells camping supplies.

Bring your windbreaker or emergency poncho with you on your outings whenever there is a chance of rain or windy conditions. They can also be used to protect any electronics if you are caught in a downpour.

2.) Walking Shoes

Just about anywhere that you go in the Midwest, you may be doing a lot of walking. Your journey may take you on beautiful paths through nature preserves or down bustling city streets. Whichever the case may be, comfortable walking shoes can make the difference between a great day and discomfort.

Avoid bringing only running shoes. These may feel comfortable on your morning jog but most are not designed for walking. Pressure is focused on different areas of the feet during the two activities, respectively. Walking shoes are designed for a comfortable walking stride and for cushioning the correct areas of your foot. If you have any foot problems, consider bringing cushioned insoles for added comfort and support.

Buy these shoes a few weeks in advance of your trip. During this time, wear them occasionally to break them in. This will also help you determine whether you purchased the correct, most comfortable shoes for your feet.

3.) Lightweight Casual Pants

Since it is summertime, you may be tempted to bring only shorts for casual outings during your vacation. However, like many areas in the United States, the Midwest is home to mosquitoes and ticks. Long pants will offer some extra protection from these prolific pests.

To save space in your suitcase, consider bringing convertible pants. These pants turn into shorts with the simple slide of a zipper.

4.) Long-Sleeved shirt

The Midwest can get very hot on summer afternoons, but it can be difficult to judge how cool it may get at night. Unless you are high up in the mountains, temperatures will not fall to freezing, but it can still become chilly. This is especially true if you are traveling the upper Midwestern states or are camping near any waterway. You can layer the long-sleeved shirt over a cooler top. Long sleeves will also offer some protection from mosquitoes.

Remembering these four items will help you be better prepared for what Mother Nature may bring. However, since average temperatures are different from month to month and state to state, make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave.

Norm Beard has been a cross country tour bus driver for the past 8 years and has seen most of America’s countryside. For more things to do in Oklahoma specifically, visit chickasawcountry.com.

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