5 Cute Things to Do with Your Bangs

For those of you lovely ladies that have curly bangs, I envy you! I’ve always wanted bangs, never mind curly bangs. You can do so much with them. They just never framed my face right. So here are some suggestions for those of you lucky enough to have bangs.

Wear a Headband:

Headbands are normally reserved for bad hair days. If you use one any way, bad day or not, embrace the opportunity to do what you want with it. Headbands rock!

Rock the Hair clips:

Bobby pins can get to be a bore after awhile. Why not try some of those colored hair clips you can get from the local drugstore? They brighten up your hair and look great to boot.

Curl Up the Bangs:

Normally bangs do what they are supposed to do and lie there. Try curling them up and pinning them.

Style the Bangs:

First wash them or you can just wet them. Use your fingers to section them down from the rest of your hair. You can use a straightener or curling iron. Easy peasy.

Blow Dry Them:

With bangs, you can give them volume or flatten them. Either way, your blow dryer is your best friend.

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