5 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Relationship with Your Kids

be-together-3-1199678-mAh yes, the relationship.  How do we improve it?  Does it need to be changed? How can we, as parents, improve?  Here are some tips that may help:

Spend Time with Your Kids

It doesn’t have to be an exciting adventure every time.  It can be a bonding time, especially in this day and age of technology and such.  I love my iPad!  Find some non-technological ways to spend time with your child.

Get Out of the House

Take a walk and just see where your path takes you.  Your child(ren) may know of a pocket park that you were not aware of before.  Let your kid(s) take the lead and show you/trust you enough to take you to their favorite spot.

Do Chores Together with Them

Doing housework by your self is not a whole lot of fun.  Ask your kids to help with them.  This way it gets done faster, it gives them an open line of communication AND your get a clean house faster.  Wink, Wink!!

Create a Positive Bedtime Routine

Let them know it’s time to get ready for bed.  Get them to brush their teeth, put on pajamas, etc.  Structure is something that children need, it gives them a balance and helps them feel safe and secure.

Tell Them “I Love You” Often

These 3 words are possibly the most important words in your child’s life.  When you express your love to them, your child will feel all is right with the world especially since it’s coming from the most important person in their world: YOU!!

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