5 Ways to Improve Desire in Your Relationship 


Relationships, much like your car or your hair, require regular attention and maintenance to keep them healthy and functioning. Even if your relationship is going smoothly and both parties are happy, it can’t hurt to implement good practices as a preemptive measure. Here are a few ways you can upkeep your relationship and improve or maintain desire.


“What I love most about you today is …” 

This one’s inspired by my mom, who every night before bed takes the time to tell the important person in her life the reasons she appreciates him in the form of: “What I love most about you today is …” A game like this can take many forms but the prevailing goal should always be to vocalize something positive to your partner. Physically write these things down if you can; they can be used as a reassurance if you ever go through a tough time.


Decrease Distractions 

Your smartphone is an integral part of your life and work and it’s likely an important part of your romantic relationship too. That said, it can also be a huge distraction and can keep your from being present around your partner. Allocate some time where smartphones aren’t present and you can simply enjoy the company of your SO, beep, buzz, and ping free. At the dinner table is a good place to start.


Get Dressed Separately 

Over time in a relationship, it can be easy to become desensitized to your partner’s physical appeal. In an effort to combat that, try to avoid getting dressed and undressed in front of each other, saving the undressing for times when you really mean it.


Sleep Simultaneously 

Try your best to sync your sleep schedules, even if that means watching a few episodes less of your favorite Netflix series if your partner is feeling sleepy or has an early morning the next day. Further, try to sync your bedtime rituals. This can be an optimal, distraction-free time for you and your SO to talk and bond.


Sync Your Hobbies

Don’t let your recreational hobbies become something that separates you. At the very least, give what your partner likes to do a try, if for no other reason than to show them that you’re willing to. If you find your interests simply don’t sync, take the time and make the effort to try new things together until you find something you both enjoy doing. Simply spending time together, separate from household responsibilities and obligations, is a great way to strengthen your connection.

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