5 Ways to Pamper Yourself Over the Holidays

You have worked hard all year long, deal with family and work etc, etc. Don’t you deserve a gift too? I think you do! Here are some great gift ideas to give yourself this Christmas.

1) Spa Appointment:Oh do I love these! I love getting my nails done and my body massaged. The hot tub is a nice added touch. Get yourself a gift certificate or two to go get a spa treatment. You will thank me after the holidays are over!


2) Specialized Venge Pro ViAS:For the man who wants the fastest bike on the block, because of course you do. Designed with McLaren, the 2016 Venge is one of the lightest, most aerodynamic bikes in the world.

3) Gigantic Glass of Wine:
This baby holds a whole bottle of wine; enough said!

4) Rest: You are amazing and can do anything but not everything. Burning out just to prove yourself is no way to live, so allow yourself those moments of meditation or even just a lazy Sunday. Your work and your life will be much better in the long run, I promise.

5) The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker:
This is an especially great gift if you make frequent trips to the beach or lake in the summer or likes to play music outdoors during a cookout or camp gathering. I also like it for party-hopping during the holidays (or any other time, really). A powerful Bluetooth speaker like this one is a great option for bringing music to any room without having to move large sound systems or deal with annoying wires.


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