Christmas Party Etiquette

The company Christmas party is a sight to behold. Some will relax, let loose and act a bit out of character while others still keeping a stiff upper lip (heaven forbid they let loose in front of others). What is proper Christmas party etiquette to ensure you have fun without losing your job or the respect of your co-workers?


1) Eat, Drink and Be Merry: In Moderation! This is probably the only time of year where we get to see the CEO of the company and the guy who sweeps floors together at the open bar. Just remember one teeny tiny thing; Booze + you + your boss can end up with something to the effect of everyone in the company knowing what your rear end looks like on Monday morning. Not a great idea!

2) No Inappropriate Dressing: While these are great occasions to dress up, or dress down – keep in mind that these are still your coworkers.

3) Mingle: Company Christmas parties are great time to meet the boss or CEO of the company and other “higher-ups”. Go over and introduce yourself. Don’t spend the entire evening with the regular crowd from work. Get to know Anthony from shipping. He’s a super nice guy and you never know where these connections may come in handy as your career advances! Yes, it’s a party: but a party with coworkers and the boss is also a great networking opportunity!

4) Find Out Who Can Come With You: Double check to see if SOs (significant others) and children are welcome to come. Otherwise, you may spend the entire evening a bit red and uncomfortable.


5) Be a Gracious Recipient: If you are being openly honored at your Christmas party, don’t blow it. Just accept the honor graciously and don’t drink yourself silly or clap when others are applauding you. It’s also a good idea to thank the person who toasted you.

6) Keep Your Attendance Reasonable: Make sure to pay attention to the time frame of your company’s Christmas party. You may not want to attend but don’t arrive 20 minutes before the party ends. Don’t party it out till 4 am either. Both coworkers and management will take notes. Trust me, they are watching! Remember, your boss has probably put a lot of money into this event. You don’t want to appear ungrateful.

7) Be Sure to Thank People: Make it a priority to at least thank the people who put the party and decor together. They probably took a great measure of effort to make the party a success. Saying thank you for the effort and time is a nice thing to do but it also gives you a chance to stand out over those who don’t bother.


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