Ange’s Bathroom Consult

We asked viewers to send us pictures of their ugly bathrooms and we were shocked by the vast number of ugly bathrooms out there! Ange sent us this photo:


The bathroom is a little outdated with an awful wall colour, wood paneling and a backsplash that stretches out behind the sink and toilet! The bathroom also offers very little storage space. Marc had the following suggests for Ange:

1. Flooring – Replace the old, linoleum flooring in the bathroom with a porcelain tile from ErthCoverings. Most people think, in a small space, you need to use a small space but Marc suggests that she use a large, 12″ x 24″ tile which will create a more seamless look, perfect for a small bathroom.


2. Tub Surround – Replace the old, plastic tub surround with a textured tile from ErthCoverings. Tile will give the bathroom a more hotel chic look and the wave pattern on these tiles will create a visual statement.


3. Shower Doors – Replace the ugly, outdated shower curtain with glass shower doors. A glass doow will open up the space and make it feel larger.

4. Showerhead – For a great finishing touch in the shower, replace the showerhead with a Moen Halo Rainshower Showerhead to great a feeling of luxury.


5. Vanity – Marc suggests a new vanity from Valley Acrylic. The vanity offers a modern style with lots of storage space and the long, handles draw the eye across the room, helping to make the room feel bigger.


6. Faucet – Top the new vanity with a sleek, silver faucet from Moen and complete the look with matching accessories (towel bar, toilet paper bar, etc).


7. Colour – Start by replacing the thin casting with wider ones and paint them in Deer Feather by General Paint. For the wall colour, Marc suggests a soft grey which goes well with everything and will look fantastic.


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