Bathroom Updates in 6 Simple Steps

Bathroom Update

Dear Marc:

Our bathroom needs attention! The fixtures are a classic white but all my accessories seem as if they have seen a better day. Do you have any tips on how I can give my bathroom style with easy bathroom updates?

Dear Angelica:
New Year, new bathroom! That statement seems perfectly logical. Although, our spouses don’t always agree with our urge to splurge.

As we say goodbye to the holiday festivities, the crazy bus pulls up to the house and everybody gets in. This is usually followed by a precious solitary moment, when we take a deep breath and truly relax. Now, for most of us, that also means heading back to work and starting our routine. This task is easier said than done. For the majority, getting back into a routine after an extended holiday is like starting an old, beat up car- it takes a little finesse!

The best way to quick start the New Year is to tackle a new project! Fortunately, house guests were eager to draw attention to every flaw in the 1980s time-capsule. The towels are dated, the toilet seat has a permanent imprint, the floral arrangements are hideous and many other little whispers passed on, with each comment received like a nail on a blackboard.

Exasperated and defeated, we feel the need for a change. The answer- a new look for our bathroom!

– White Towels
– Glass vessels filled with contents of your choice
– Black Hardcover books
– Picture frames with black and white photography
– Greenery
– Soap dispenser
– Cotton drape panel

Bathroom Updates

Step 1:
Take a before photo that you can take along while shopping. Note the areas that need to be styled with accessories and mark down the measurements including width, height and depth of the areas. Go through magazines and clip images of bathrooms. Examine how these rooms were styled and draw inspiration.

Bathroom Updates

Step 2:
The whiter, the better! When it comes to bathroom towels, you can never go wrong with white towels. The only exception to this rule is located in the black hole we call the kid’s bathroom. The sterile nature of a white towel is spa-like and offers a backdrop for a small splash of colour or pattern. When folding a towel, fold it vertically a third of the way onto itself, then fold the opposing side in the same manner. Now, fold the towel horizontally using the same third rule. This technique will give you a beautiful boutique hotel look for your towels.

Bathroom Updates

Step 3:
Invest in quality glass vessels and fill them with jewels, decorative soaps, sea shells, cotton balls or anything else that is clean and simple. Remember to pair similar items together for continuity. Also, I’m sure I don’t have to mention the need to stick to items that belong to the environment you are designing. For instance, we don’t want to see a glass vessel filled with apples displayed on the toilet no matter how pretty the pop of colour. Place the vessels together in odd numbers on a shelf or ledge.

Bathroom Updates

Step 4:
Create little areas displaying folded towels and decorative soaps. Invest in a unique soap dispenser and don’t be afraid to display books and picture frames on a shelf. Wherever possible, add a little greenery in a glass container.

Bathroom  Updates

Step 5:
I don’t understand why people put sheers in their bathroom. You may as well have a web cam filming while you are doing your business, as the neighbours are getting a play-by-play anyway. A simple cotton panel, such as this one from IKEA, is private and aesthetically pleasing.

Bathroom Update

Step 6:
Style and edit till you get it right! Have fun with your bathroom project. Buy a few things, try them out and if they don’t work, exchange them. There is no shame in trying a few looks.

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