Benefits of Having Pets at Home

PoppedIf there’s one thing I learned way back in elementary school which I truly believe in to this very day, it’s the age-old adage that. “No man is an island.” We all need family… which brings me back to that danceable 1979 Sister Sledge song, “We are family”.

Needless to say, we humans need love and affection to thrive in this not-so-perfect world. More than food, we need warmth from another living creature to help sustain us in our daily lives. If you haven’t been blessed with a big family, though, there is a way to give you the company at home which you need. That’s where pets come in. Big or small pets, it doesn’t matter what you fancy, as they all provide their owners with the love they need. How exactly does having pets benefit one’s health and well-being?

Having pets is a great stress-reliever. Ever notice how after playing with your pet Chihuahua, you feel that all the weariness from a tough day at work seems to just melt away?  Playing with your pet inevitably releases pleasure hormones in your body. With the increased levels of dopamine and serotonin rushing through your body, you feel a calming wave come over you- much better than that shot of tequila you had the night before!  Think of playing with your pet as a buzz of booze, without the unwanted effects of a dreaded hangover.

Pets help motivate you to work. If you are a work-at-home person, you may envy your friends who have officemates to chat with over the water cooler on coffee breaks. If you happen to be a freelancer who works at home alone, you could get yourself a pet to play with on your quick breaks from all that writing. It’ll help clear your mind from all that writer’s block. What’s more, your cat would hardly criticize your work. With its reassuring purr, it gives you the ego boost you need in doing a good job.

Pets help hone your social skills. Working at home alone may make you feel isolated and somewhat jittery about the idea of going to that upcoming barbecue party your old friend invited you to.  Your social skills may start getting a little rusty, what with being cooped up inside the house for long periods. When you have a pet to cuddle and play with, you get to practice interacting with another living creature, even if it can’t engage you in a debate on world issues. Having the company of a pet reminds you that you are not alone.

So don’t pull your hair out just yet, if you feel that all is lost and you are alone in this world. Get yourself either a feathered friend or a furry buddy to keep you company on those lonely nights. Take care of your pet, and it will take care of you.


Jessy is a frugal writer operating a few DIY and health blogs – weight loss menus and lean cuisine diet are the newest among them.

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