Most Epic Battles in Star Wars History

Battles in Star Wars History, Most Epic Battles in Star Wars History

Want to relive the most epic battles in Star Wars History? The Star Wars Universe is full of dramatic spectacles that enthralled fans for more than 40 years. Some of the most amazing Star Wars moments have come during important battles. Here are the most entertaining battles in Star Wars history that have left fans cheering.

Darth Maul Fight  

While “The Phantom Menace” was mostly a letdown for Star Wars fans, there were a few bright moments in the film. One of the most amazing scenes from this let down was the climax battle between Liam Neeson’s character, Qui-Gon, and villain Darth Maul. Seeing a new black lightsaber that transformed into a red, double-edged weapon ignited the Star Wars fan base.

Darth Vader and the Rebellion Fight  

“Rogue One,” while not an official Star Wars trilogy film, impressed Star Wars fans with its heart and an intriguing plot. The hands-down best scene happened at the end when Darth Vader boarded the rebellion ship and took no prisoners. Vader, one of the best villains in film history, shows off why everyone fears him.

Luke vs. Darth Vader

Throughout the original trilogy, the producers of the films focused on building the tension between hero Luke Skywalker and villain Darth Vader. All of this came to a head during the classic battle scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” between Luke and Vader. Not only was the scene an amazing and satisfying moment, but it also revealed one of the greatest plot twists and cinema history, that Vader was, in fact, Luke’s father.

Yoda and Count Dooku Battle

Despite the fact that many fans saw the second installment of the prequels as a huge disappointment, the battle scenes were one of the high points. One of the best moments from “Attack of the Clones” was when fan-favorite Yoda went into ultimate battle with villain Count Dooku. The overused CGI throughout most of the prequels seems to be seamless in the scene where Yoda showed off his stunning battle moves and insane abilities.

Luke and Kylo Ren Showdown

Another moment that had fans losing their minds happened in the newer trilogy’s installment, “The Last Jedi.” This was the moment when Luke and Kylo Ren finally faced each other in battle. As the tension continued to build up, fans began to realize that not all was what it seemed. Luke was actually projecting himself via the force and was not present in the battle between the two foes. Ren’s black lightsaber that turns into a red crossguard saber can’t seem to stop Jedi Master Luke.

Now that the trilogy of the nine Star Wars movies has ended, fans are left with memories of these incredible moments. Future Star Wars Universe movies have a lot to live up to.

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