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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Father’s Day

Dad, You Are Dynamite!! Image 1 of 6 What an explosive idea! Try this dynamite wrapping paper, it's the bomb! Source Read More

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make With Your Kids

Building Memories with Dad Image 1 of 8 This great little project is a wonderful way to keep some memories alive with your child. It means spending time together and really bonding. Source Read More

Father’s Day DIY Ideas for Grown Ups!

A DIY gift is meaningful and memorable, not matter what age you are! Here are some great DIY gift ideas that aren’t meant for kids!

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DIY Father’s Day Cards Your Kids Can Make

Crisscross Card Image 1 of 10 This complicated looking card really isn't all that hard to make. Really! Source Read More

Creative Ideas for Displaying Your Family Tree

Baking Sheet Family Tree Image 1 of 8 This is a fun family tree project you can do together with your child. Source Read More

Sugar & Spice Baby Shower Ideas

Adorable DIY Baby Shower Invites Image 1 of 10 Oh what sweet invitations - and surprisingly easy to make! Source Read More

Baby Shower Ideas for a Bouncing Baby Boy

Baby Blue Party Punch Image 1 of 10 What a lovely shade of blue and it tastes great too! Source Read More

9 DIY Summer Clothing Tutorials for Kids

If you’re looking for a great way to update your little one’s wardrobe and save some money in the process, it’s time to Lets sharpen those sewing skills and try out these fantastic tutorials. Clothing Tutorial #1: DIY Stylish Peplum Top Clothing Tutorial #2: Daisy Top – Circle Front and Back Yoke Top Pattern Tutorial […]

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8 DIY Mother’s Day Manicures We Love

Mother’s Day is a special bonding time so why not hone your skills and give you and your mom Mother’s Day manicures? Yes boys and men, I’m talking to you too! Doesn’t your mom deserve it? So follow along and maybe practice on a friend or co worker. You don’t have much time left! Mother’s […]

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Creative Ideas for Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Caprese Quiche Image 1 of 7 If you want to serve mom something a little fancier then PB&J; try these caprese quiches. Tasty! Source Read More

DIY Spring Garden Party Ideas

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Spring Skin Care Tips for Men

When you think of skin care tips, men don’t immediately come to mind but they have skin issues just as much as we women do. Here are some skin care tips for men that are perfect for Spring! Skin Care Tip #1: Clean the skin every day, morning and night with specific products to get […]

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10 Fun Ways to Use a Fireplace in Spring

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Healthy Snacks on the Go

In a hurry? Opt for one of these healthy snacks! Invalid Displayed Gallery

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Fabulous Lamb Recipes for Spring

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7 Fresh Makeup Tutorials for Spring

It might not feel like it quite yet, but Spring is coming. If you’re ready to kick off the Winter blues and embrace Spring with a fresh, new look – here are some of our favourite Spring looks! #1: Bronze Eyes & Peach Lips #2: Bold Pink Lips & Simple Bronze Eyes #3: Spring Makeup […]

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8 DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Looking for a last minute way to dress up your Halloween treats? We’ve got a few great ideas for you.

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Video Tutorials: Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

The best thing about Halloween is… getting to play dress up as an adult! While you might not be able to spend a lot of time in costume, these Halloween nail art ideas will let you play dress up, at least on your nails! 4 Easy Halloween Nail Art Designs: Five Cute & Easy Halloween […]

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Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving


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DIY Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving

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5 ‘Natural’ Make Up Looks For Fall

Everyone wants to look natural when they go out. How does one achieve this look? 1) Smog Eye Shadow and Eyebrow Pencil: What you need: – Light foundation – Eyebrow pencil – One nude colored eye shadow – One coat of mascara and a bit of blush 2) Just a Little Mascara: What you need: […]

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How to Cope with the Baby Blues

Research shows that 8 in every 10 moms will experience the baby blues. You may feel worried, anxious, tired for no reason and unable to concentrate. Here are some coping tips you can try at home: Don’t Deprive Yourself of Sleep: A full eight hours may seem like an unattainable luxury when you’re dealing with […]

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Tips on How to Cope with Christmas After Losing a Loved One

Keep it Simple Image 1 of 7 It really is OK to not go all out at Christmas. If you feel that this year you just can't send Christmas cards, host the family gathering or other things of that nature; then don't! You are entitled to not do all the running around and other stress [...] Read More

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

A Cozy Christmas Gift Wrap Image 1 of 9 Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Photo Source and Details Read More

Carnival & Fair Foods You Can Make at Home

Caramel Apples Image 1 of 9 A staple of carnival foods, caramel apples are quite easy to make yourself! Source Read More