Creative Camping Hacks

Camping is fun, isn’t it?  There is nothing like waking up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise or hearing the sound of hot dogs being grilled over a campfire.  Here are a few ideas to help you make the most out of your camping experience.

aaaaReading Lamp:  Fill a 4 gallon milk jug with water and tape a headlamp to it. Voila, easy nightlight!

A Shoe Organizer:  Buy a shoe organizer that you hang over the door and put your camp kitchen things in it.  It also saves room when your camping trip is over.

Eggs in a Mason Jar:  Crack a dozen raw eggs into a mason jar for easy travel.  They fit perfectly in a cooler and you don’t have to worry about them breaking so easily.

aaaaaaDry Toilet Paper:  To keep toilet paper dry during your camping trip, put a roll in a empty coffee tin.

DIY Fire starters:  Wad up your old dryer lint and save it in empty toilet paper tubes till you need to start a fire.

Tic Tac Containers:  Want some spices for cooking without carrying along a spice jar?  Use tic tac containers.  They are compact and portable.

Slap jacks on the Go:  Make your pancake batter.  Put it into resealable bags or plastic containers. Freeze. Bring camping.  Easy peasy- simply cut the bottom tip off the resealable bag and use that to pour the defrosted batter.

1Plastic Water Bottles:  Bags of ice can be very messy.  Instead, freeze plastic water bottles and let them slowly melt, keeping your food cool.  Added bonus, you can drink them later.

Use Foam Floor Tiles:  Take along foam floor tiles and put them under your sleeping bag or mattress and it will save your back in the morning.











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