Designer Space

Dear Marc;

When I think of a designer space, I think clean lines, and carefully chosen accessories. My home is cluttered and I don’t know how to organize myself to create this beautiful look that I have seen so many times in magazines.


Dear Janis;

I am sure a lot of readers can relate to our ability to hold on to everything that passes our way. Some things we keep because they have sentimental value, some we keep because we think we might have a use for it someday and some we keep simply to keep. The key to overcoming clutter is to prioritize your possessions. Make 3 piles; things that you have used in the last 3 months, things you have not used for more than six months or more and things that are broken or damaged. First, let’s agree that anything broken or damaged shouldn’t be kept. If you can’t use it because it is damaged, then either get it fixed or dispose of it. Secondly, any item in the six months or more pile should be given to Good Will. So many families are in need in our country today, that the saying “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” is ringing true more than ever. If you haven’t used that old lamp that is sitting in your basement, why not give it a chance to brighten up someone’s day, someone that would otherwise not be able to buy a new lamp. Once you have only kept items with an everyday use, you will find that clutter in your home will not be an issue.

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