How to Develop Self-Awareness

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about habits that build confidence, and this week we’ve got one more for you. Self-awareness, when practiced habitually, not only builds confidence but can be the cornerstone of a content and successful life. Here are three steps to take to promote healthy self-awareness in your life.


Understand Your Narrative Identity 

Your narrative identity is essentially your story, which includes everything from how you grew up, the people who impacted you, your successes, and your setbacks. People may be hesitant to delve into their histories, particularly if they’re harboring the memories of traumatic events, however it is important to keep in mind that self awareness has less to do with reliving and rehashing your past, and everything to do with accepting it and understanding how it forms the context for how you live your life today.


Reflect on Yourself Every Day 

In a similar vein to meditation, personal reflection is an important practice to adopt if you want to be more self aware. Set aside time each day and process your day – what went well, what didn’t – and make an effort to understand why. You can do this meditation style, in an uninterrupted setting, or while you exercise, or in the form of journal writing.


Seek Out and Be Open to Feedback 

This step is two fold: seeking out feedback, as well as knowing how to process it. Though people generally enjoy giving criticism, they may not necessarily enjoy getting it back. It makes sense of course; who wants to be told how they can improve? Further than hearing and accepting feedback, the real value lies in how you internalize it and why. If you have a negative response to something someone says to you, think about why you have that response and perhaps dedicate some time during your personal reflection, taking into account your personal narrative.

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  • Meena 2 years ago

    You seem very confident and bright!
    Good reminders 🙂

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