DIY Chic Wine Cork Pot Holder

Dear Marc:
We entertain a lot in our home and wine is our drink of choice when hosting dinner parties. I’ve been in the habit of collecting the wine corks leftover from these fabulous soirees, as I think they could make a great addition to a DIY project. Now the question is: what kind of DIY project would use wine corks?

Dear Amy:
Like most people, I wouldn’t call myself a wine connoisseur, but I do know enough about wine to work my way through a wine menu. Although, I have to admit, as much as I learn about wines, I’m still dazzled by the prettiest bottle design. I know…I know…buying wine based on its bottle design is like buying a car based on its colour, but what can I say? I’m a designer. I love how colours and texture come together.

With that being said, my favourite aspect of the bottle design is the cork. Each cork has a beautiful logo printed on its side, and the combination of black ink and cork makes for a chic look! After hosting a dinner party where a fair amount of wine has been consumed, I like to make myself a new chic pot holder. Depending on the size of your soirees, you may need to host a few of them to have enough corks to make this fab project!

– Wine corks
– Cork tile
– Glue gun and stick
– Utility knife

Step 1:
Place a wine cork on its side and cut it in half. Repeat this process for eleven corks.
Step 2:
Starting in the corner of the cork tile, glue the wine cork halves to the tile. Create three rows using all twelve corks.
Step 3:
Cut the tile around the corks to create a square and there you have it, a brand new pot holder!

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