DIY Chrome Apple Centerpiece

Dear Marc:

I bought fake fruit (apples) from the dollar store to display in a wooden bowl on my table. I thought it looked great until a friend of mine said it was tacky! Apparently if it’s not real fruit, it’s not trendy. Is there any way that I can turn that supposedly tacky centerpiece into something to be admired?


Dear Jackie:

We all have that friend that thinks he/she has the best taste in the world and criticizes everything we do in our homes. It’s enough to throw yourself on the floor and crawl out of sight when the door bell rings. (Oh, don’t judge. You know what I’m talking about… We’ve all have done it.)

Although when you forget to close the garage door and the words “I know you are home, I see your car in the garage!” resonate through your wooden door, you then curse under your breath. While trying to regain your dignity, you scrape yourself off the floor and throw in that famous line as you open the door “Found my contact!”

You then invite your favourite guest into your home and just as you think she will question the integrity of your charade, she notices that floral arrangement you picked up at the market the other day. Too busy butchering a twenty dollar floral to notice that you’d give her twenty dollars just to have her say something positive. Like I said, we all have a friend like that. I think I just attract the crazy ones. Or am I the critique? Something to think about. Note to self: Be more observant of how many people duck under the window as they see my car swerving in the driveway.

All personal thoughts aside, I think we can create a stellar centerpiece made of your existing fake apples that will make your friend want one herself!


  • Faux Apples

  • Krylon Premium Metallic Paint in Original Chrome

  • Wooden skewer


Step 1:

Stick a wooden skewer in the heart of the apple.


Step 2:

Spray paint the apple with Krylon Premium Metallic Paint in Original Chrome.


Step 3:

Repeat steps one and two for all apples and place three of them on a white rectangle plate as opposed to a bowl.


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