DIY Guestbook Autograph Table

Dear Marc:

My best girlfriend is getting married. As her bridesmaid, I’d like to give her something special for her wedding day. I think a repurposed piece of furniture might be a nice gesture! The couple is moving into a new house in the coming months. They want to acquire some new furniture for their living room and, as a gift, I am hoping to refinish a piece for them. Any fab. ideas?


Dear Teresa,

I remember my grandfather telling me that it’s the little things that count for women rather than extravagant gestures. Now I don’t claim to know any more about women than any other man out there, but I do follow this philosophy. Besides, my grandfather was married for 60 years, so I think he was on to something.

Going along with this philosophy, we can probably predict that a gift with a personal touch will get the best response from your best friend. A response that leads to what I like to call, “happy tears”.

A carefully chosen accessory or small piece of furniture makes a great wedding gift! Although, when I say “small”, I do mean small. There is nothing worse than getting an incredibly large “furniture gift” that doesn’t match anything in the space. To top it off, you have to thank the person for completely ruining the look of your new home. On that note, “Thank you Aunt Gertrude, we really do love the floral sofa, and the soft Grey sofa cover was put on it to protect its amazing pattern.” Oh family, we really do love you…well, on the days when floral pattern is involved, it may be harder than others.

Getting back to our fabulous project. For my honey’s bridal shower, I had a small nesting table (one of two) passed around with a black sharpie. Each of her family and friends signed the table. The reason I chose nesting tables is for the sole purpose of having a matching table passed around on our wedding day, as to mimic the same look. This will create a matching set. Oh, the things we think about between midnight and one in the morning.


– Side table

– White Paint (Para Paint’s – Whitewash White – P2089-00)

– Krylon black aerosol paint

– Sanding block
– Black fine-tip marker

– Clear aerosol finish

Step 1:

Choose a side table with fabulous lines.

Step 2:

Sand the entire table prime and paint it in Para’s Whitewash White (Eggshell finish – P2089-00). Two coats of paint are required for a nice finish.

Step 3:

Using black aerosol paint, spray the tips of the table legs and let dry.

Step 4:

Write a special message on the table top. In this case, I wrote “With Love, From Friends and Family”.

Step 5:

During the bridal shower or wedding reception, have the table passed around to family and friends. Each loved one should sign their name on the table. Once all the signatures are included, spray the table with clear aerosol finish to protect the writing.

Image Sourcing:

Chair:  Chair Source,

Accent Pillow, Painting & Table: Marc Atiyolil Designs,

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