DIY Jewelry Frame

, DIY Jewelry Frame

Dear Marc:

I want to create something special for my wife. While shopping at a boutique, we came across a unique jewelry holder. It was a frame with what looked like chicken wire in the middle and the wire was used to hook the jewelry in place. Essentially it replaces a jewelry box. I want to build something like this as a surprise gift for her birthday.


Dear Eric:

“Honey, are you almost ready?” The man asks for the third time. “Give me a minute, I can’t find my favourite earrings.” The woman replies. Now we all know that a minute is never just a minute in wife lingo. In fact, in most cases a minute translates to anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes. Does this sound familiar?

Well, that’s a regular Saturday night in our house. My wife has a jewelry box filled with things she can’t find. I am sure there is a better way to store jewelry! There has to be. For my sanity and yours, we will build such a jewelry frame and make it look splendid! This simple DIY project is sure to score you a few “brownie point” with the Mrs.


– Two frames

– Screws and washers

– Drill

– Chicken wire

– Wire cutters

– White Para Paint

, DIY Jewelry Frame

Step 1:

Measure and cut the chicken wire to correspond with the size of the frame. Lay the wire between the two frames.

, DIY Jewelry Frame

Step 2:

Screw the two frames together.

, DIY Jewelry Frame

Step 3:

Prime and paint the frame.


  • Deborah Bacon 8 years ago

    What a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to make my own. Thanks for the idea.

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