Early 80s Changes

Dear Marc;

I have lived in the same house since the eighties and the last time I designed anything was when I bought the house. I did everything up to date at that time but haven’t followed the trends since then. I am sick of my outdated look and want to have a beautiful trendy home. What has changed since the early eighties?


Dear Jacqueline;

The first step to changing your design from drab to fab is to admit that your design is in sad need of a facelift. Take a good hard look at your space. Look at what needs to be changed, what can be thrown out and which pieces you can easily modernize. Once you have taken inventory of your existing design, flip through design magazines and find a look you like. Trends have changed a lot since the eighties. Chances are, your sofa uses the same fabric as your window coverings and that same fabric is also found on the accent pillows. That is what I call the “boring look”. Today’s trends are all about being bold and using things that would have never been seen together years ago and placing them together. How many remember the old saying “Blue & Green should never been seen except on Halloween?” Well today, we look at designer spaces and we see blue paired with green everywhere! In the eighties, it was all about blending everything together. Today it’s all about contrasting everything to make a statement. No more monotone design!

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