Enter to Win: Mother/Daughter Shopping Spree!

Are you ready to spoil Mom this Mother’s Day! We’re giving away a $200 Giant Tiger shopping spree. The winner will receive 2, $100 gift cards: one for themselves and one for their mom. Enter today for a chance to spoil yourself, and your mom, this Mother’s Day!

And yes – sons can enter as well! Giant Tiger carries something for everyone!

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Written by Marc & Mandy


  • Stephanie Karalash 2 weeks ago

    My mom is a big old softy. Always thinking of the little things when it comes to her grandchildren. My mom is into thrift shopping and has never been into over spending on herself so this gift card would be a nice change to get her something new. Love her to pieces.

  • Kb 2 weeks ago

    Would love to win for my mom.. After 8 kids she deserves to be spoiled 🙂

  • Melissa Wares 2 weeks ago

    I would love to win this! My mother deserves a nice shopping spree! Would love to be able to gift her a special girls day her and I could spend together treating each other. She does so much for me and my son….I would live to do something nice for her.

  • Mary Boudreau 2 weeks ago

    I’m the mom and daughter needs to be spoiled as she is a very devoted mom and who goes above and beyond for her son

  • Debbie Bashford 1 week ago

    She is always doing and giving to others and I would love to treat her with this, she loves GT !!

  • jan 1 week ago

    I don’t think she has purchased anything above the necessities in quite some time.

  • Joan Kubes 1 week ago

    I think every good mom deserves to be spoiled and mine is the best! She definitely desrves it!

  • Dianne G. 1 week ago

    My mom deserves to be spoiled because she always thinks of others before herself. She is now in her 80s but still bakes and cooks for anyone she knows who is sick or needs cheered up. I would love to take her shopping and treat her for a change!

  • Carole D 1 week ago

    I’m the mom and my daughter needs to be spoil. She works so hard to take care of her family and doesn’t take time for herself.

  • Julie F 1 week ago

    Mum is always upbeat despite being in quite bad health!

  • LisaM 1 week ago

    My mom is always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needs one. She could definitely use something to spoil herself with!

  • Janet Meisner 1 week ago

    She is wonderful, supportive and lots of fun.

  • Tracey 1 week ago

    She deserves to be spoiled because she has spent a lifetime giving to others.

  • cathy brown 1 week ago

    I’m the Mom and my daughter needs some time for her as she is a new mom.

  • Tricia Cooper 1 week ago

    My Mom deserves to be spoiled because she’s the best! She’s the rock of our family …. always there for her family and friends! <3

  • Jasen H 1 week ago

    My mom deserves to be spoiled because she’s the most caring person I know.

  • jay nelson 1 week ago

    I would love for my mom to win as I and the grandchildren live too far to just drop in for a visit. She has struggled with loneliness since dad passed away, but tries to keep a cheery attitude through volunteering.

  • Josh S 1 week ago

    My mom deserves to be spoiled because she has always been there for me when I needed her and so it would be nice to surprise her with this.

  • Irene Eichler 7 days ago

    My mom will be 87 this year … she deserves to be treated special this year !

  • laurel jones 6 days ago

    she needs to be spoiled because she has been forced to live with the person she didn’t want to live with and has had everything she loved taken from her.

  • KATHLEEN CRIPPS 3 days ago

    Ican count on my Mom for anything!

  • Sandra lebeau 22 hours ago

    I’d make it Grandma, daughters and kids how much fun would have,

  • Debbie Flynn 6 hours ago

    My mom isn’t with us anymore but I would take my sister who has always been there for me to give advise and a helping hand.

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