Essential Furniture Each Room of a New House Needs

For those buying their first house, it may feel overwhelming to see just how much extra space needs to be filled. Most home buyers may have furniture from when they were renting apartments, but much more is needed for a house. Once new amenities are bought, contacting professionals for furniture assembly Centennial, CO can remove some of the stress associated with moving in. The following are essential furnishings each room needs in your home.

Kitchen/Dining Room

Every house has a space for eating. Whether they’re part of the kitchen or a separate room entirely, most eating situations require similar furniture. Dining tables should be large enough to serve those in your household as well as any potential guests. Chairs should match the style of the table, and stools can be used for countertop eating. For those with fancy dinnerware, China cabinets store upscale dining sets for display.

Living Room

The main purpose of a living room is to maximize relaxation. Sofas and sectionals can maximize this by providing plenty of space to sit or lay down. Individual seats come in three main styles: accent chairs, which are smaller and can fit into tight spaces; recliners, which can lean back to provide additional comfort and arm chairs. TV stands support television sets at eye level and can be large enough to store additional objects. Coffee tables and ottomans go between sitting areas and the TV and act as areas to place objects and rest feet, respectively.


The average bed requires a frame, a mattress, sheets, a comforter, pillows and a headboard for support. Placed next to the bed, nightstands can store items within arm’s reach and support objects such as lamps and alarm clocks. Dressers, chests and wardrobes store clothing and accessories for easy access. Makeup vanities function in a similar manner, allowing the easy storage of makeup and beauty products.


Patio dining sets, similar to indoor dining sets, consist of a weatherproof table and chairs that can be used for eating or relaxation. Chairs, sofas and benches can offer additional seating. Hammocks and porch swings provide relaxation and are hung from posts or a roof.


Any personal study needs to have, at the bare minimum, a desk capable of storing documents and office supplies and an office chair for relaxed work. Filing cabinets can store important information regarding finances and insurance information for easy reference. For the avid reader, bookcases help maintain a personal library.

Furnishing an entire house tends to be expensive, but having an outline of what is needed can help you navigate the process. Once done, there is no better feeling than relaxing in your own self-made bliss.

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