Expert Advice: Carpet Repair – Clean First or Stretch First?

QUESTION: My carpet has bumps and I want to get it stretched and cleaned. Should I have it cleaned first or stretched first?

We asked Pablo of Curly’s Carpet Repair and this is what he recommends:

There are people and/or cleaning companies who will tell you to get it cleaned first and than stretched. They believe that, if you get it stretched and than cleaned, the carpet will just bubble right again and/or crease. Realistically, this will only happen if the carpet is not re-stretched properly.  I have never had to go back in to re-stretch a carpet and I always recommend to clients that they have it cleaned afterwards.

Often, cleaning prior to stretching results in an uneven clean as the ridges and rolls in the carpet prevent the machine from reaching all areas. Additionally, a well-stretched carpet helps to pull the fibres in the carpet apart, making it easier for machines to get into the fibres and as a result, the carpets are more thoroughly cleaned. The carpet cleaner will not need to go over it as often to get into the fibers which means less water and less impact on the glue on the backing as well. 

These examples can show you how difficult it would be to clean creased carpet verses flat, stretched carpet. – Pablo Schroeder, Curly’s Carpet Repair

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