Fitness on a Budget

Affordable ways to get in shape when you can’t afford a gym membership!

The No-Excuse Workout

You can work up to the list. It doesn’t have to start off so heavy right away. Start by researching each move to ensure you are using the correct technique for the best results.

50 crunches
40 jumping jacks
40 squats
10 push ups
30 sit-ups
20 lunges (each leg)

The 20 Minute No Running Cardio

March with arm circles – 1 minute forward, 1 minute backwards
Jumping Jacks – 2 minutes
High-Knee Run – 3 minutes
Long Jump & Shuffle Back – 4 minutes
Butt-Kicker Run – 3 minutes
Mountain Climber – 5 minutes
Rest for a few minutes and do over if you feel once wasn’t enough.       ok

Running or Walking in Place

Put on your favorite movie or watch your favorite show. Walk/Run in place while you watch your favorite show and take breaks during the commercials or time yourself to go for X amount of minutes then rest.

Butt/Thigh Blast Workout

50 Hip Bridges and Leg Lifts
100 Donkey Kicks
100 Standing up Glute Kickbacks
50 Sumo Squats and Leg Raises
100 Side Lunges
Flat Belly Workout
30 Jumping Jacks
20 High Knees
30 Squats
20 Leg Lifts
25 High Knees
35 Crunches
10 Push-ups
1 minute of Planking

Exercise Ball and Light Weights

Buy an exercise ball (I’ve seen them for as little as $10). For the light weights you can use 4lt milk jugs. Inflate the ball and fill the jugs up with as much or little water that you can handle. Don’t over do it at first. Put on a movie or favorite television show and move your body around while sitting on the ball. Meanwhile, take your milk jugs and do arm curls and triceps curls while you watch your favorite show. No muss, No fuss!!

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