Five Tips for Creating an Appealing Dressing Room at Home

A large master bedroom usually has a dressing room. A dressing room serves as the place where a woman dresses, puts on her makeup, brushes her hair and finishes getting ready. The best thing about decorating a dressing room is you can let your creativity run wild. Look at five tips for creating an appealing dressing room at home.

Colorful Walls

Pastel paint on the walls of a dressing room can add to its soft, inviting atmosphere. For example, painting the walls light blue with royal blue trim lends elegance to the décor. Or, paint the walls pastel green and add a wallpaper border featuring other shades of green. The wall color in a dressing helps set the tone of the space.

Enhancing the Natural Light

A dressing room with a skylight or large windows is definitely a pleasant place to spend time. Enhance the natural light by putting up white, gauzy curtains. The white will reflect the sunlight giving the room an airy atmosphere.

Luxurious Carpeting

Luxurious carpeting is a must-have for a dressing room. After a hard day at work, it’s relaxing to walk around on a soft layer of carpet that massages your toes. Also, carpeting in a light color complements the look of your pastel walls. White, beige or ivory are all options that create a beautiful setting for your furniture and other items of décor.

A Vanity

A vanity is a familiar item in a dressing room. This piece of furniture is useful when you need plenty of light for putting on makeup. After applying your makeup in a thorough way, you can feel confident about how you look the rest of the day. If you’re looking for a mirror you can carry in your purse throughout the day, Hollywood Makeup Mirrors by Impact Vanity are an excellent option.

Drawers for Everything

A dressing room is a place for a lot of beauty supplies including makeup, shampoo, hair gel, brushes, hairpins, hand lotion and more. That’s why it’s important to have a dresser with plenty of drawers so you have room for everything you need to get ready.

Finally, a dressing room should be a relaxing place where you can unwind and be alone with your thoughts. Plan your décor carefully so the space exceeds your expectations.

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