Have fun and stay fit this winter

65115H(NC)—Outdoor enthusiasts are gearing up for a great winter season full of activity. The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors offers the following tips for ensuring you get the most out of your winter activities.

Dress for the weather. Layered clothing works better to keep your muscles warm and your skin dry so you do not get chilled. You may want to invest in clothing designed specifically for winter outdoor activities or layer garments made of natural fibres.

Know when to rest. Rest when you feel tired. Stop your activity immediately if you experience sudden or prolonged pain in any joint or muscle. Cool down by stretching and change into dry, warm clothes.

Stay hydrated. Don’t be fooled by the temperature. Your active body needs plenty of fluids even though it is cold outside. Be sure to drink plenty of water or juice before, during and after winter sports.

Consult your chiropractor about your general health and preparing your body for winter activities. Chiropractors are experts in back, muscle and joint disorders and are specifically trained to diagnose and effectively treat them.  More information, including where to find a chiropractor near you, is available at www.albertachiro.com.


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