How To Create A Masculine Bedside Table

Dear Marc:

I find your column very informative! There is a side table that has been in my bedroom for years. My ex-wife had purchased it, but I think it looks a little too feminine for my taste. I want to paint it but I’m not sure which colour. I don’t want anything vibrant and flashy – a subtle, neutral, masculine colour is best. Any suggestions?


Dear Matt:

It’s interesting how different hues exude different emotions within an individual. Certain colours seem to lend themselves to different genders. Did you know that we all see the same colour differently? The colour variation even intensifies between the different sexes. Men and woman are different so, it’s natural that we see colours differently. For this reason many designers, especially commercial designers, request the input from peers of both genders during the colour selection process.

There has been a lot of advancement in gender branded colours over the years. Fashion trends have broken the barriers between the sexes and branded certain gender-specific colours as “unisex” colours. For instance, men are now wearing much more pinks and purples than in previous years. With that being said, try to break out of your comfort zone and explore different colours for your painting project. If this seems too bold, stick to a classic neutral. It’s a no-fail recipe for success!


  • Dresser
  • Dark Green or Grey paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Scraper
  • Paint brush
  • Cloth

Step 1:

Sand the entire dresser. Wipe the piece with a cloth before continuing to next step.

Step 2:

Lay a protective plastic on the ground to protect those fabulous floors! Paint two coats of dark green paint using a brush. I like using an angle brush as it helps with those tough to reach inside corners. Let dry.

Step 3:

Scrape the edges and corners of the dresser to create a worn look. Our goal is to expose some wood to bring in a natural element. Sand the scraped corners.

Step 4:

Place the piece back in your bedroom and enjoy!

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