How To Create An Abstract Art Piece In Minutes

Dear Marc:
I am not much of an artist but I want to create an abstract or funky art piece for my home. Do you have an easy fool proof technique?

Dear Patrick:
We are not all gifted with the talent of drawing and painting. If you judge my “drawing IQ”, I think it would be the equivalent to a second grader; although, I must admit, some eight year olds have stellar drawing skills so I may even be at the bottom of that food chain.

If we are in the same boat and yearn to put our creative juices to play, this is our opportunity. Let’s rise beyond our creative barriers, and cheat a little. If you had ever played Skip Bo with my grandmother, you’d know that cheating is acceptable as long as everyone who is playing with you is too scared to call you on it. In this case, no one will mention (if they even notice) that my canvas is indeed covered in fabric and not painted. And if they do, it’ll probably be to ask how I did it.

– Canvas
– Stapler
– Staples
– Scissors
– Fabric

Step 1:
Cut and lay a piece of fabric with the design of your choice, upside down under the canvas.

Step 2:

Starting with one side, pull the fabric to the back of the canvas and staple it in place. Just as you would in a reupholstering project, once one side is secured, stretch and staple the opposite end of the canvas. Repeat this step for the two remaining sides.

Step 3:

Think of the corners as when you are wrapping a gift. You want to staple each side to the corner so that you can form a “peak”, then fold the peak and staple it to the back of the canvas.

Step 4:

Hang the canvas and enjoy!

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