How To Pick The Perfect Pet

Pick The Perfect Pet

Explore the costs of pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish and horses and pick the pet that is best for you.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed with options when trying to make a decision about which type of pet is best for you? This infographic attempts to serve as an aid to help you make the decision which best suites you based on a series of simple questions. The infographics begins in the form of a flow chart, asking a series of questions with either “yes” or “no” answers, which lead to further questions and ultimately, the animal that is ideal for you. Once those questions have lead to definite answers, information about initial purchase price, initial cost, annual cost and lifetime cost are all displayed as averaged figures to help you then decide what is best for you and your budget. Beside the graphs are facts about each animal, which offer some insight on various aspects of their expenses. The infographic has been designed in a concise, simplistic format in order to make your decision as easy as possible since we are full aware that this decision can seem to be quite complex and chaotic. All artwork is original vector artwork, which has been enhanced in Photoshop and all textures are original photos taken by the artist.

Jennifer Atkins is a graphic designer working for Netvantage Marketing who does design for web, mostly infographics. This is an infographic she designed for Silver Lining Herbs.

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