How To Pull Off A Manly Pedicure

male_modelsPedicures are so associated with female beauty treatments that it is easy to forget that men have feet and toes that need attention and care as well. Since many men would scoff at the thought of going to a salon, daintily removing their shoes, and submitting themselves to a foot bath and subsequent nail treatment, pedicures are routinely perceived as something entirely feminine.

This doesn’t have to be the standard. Pedicures can be a great stress release and are ideal ways to exfoliate the skin and beautify the toes. Nothing about this is gender exclusive. Of course, pulling off a manly pedicure is the real challenge for many men. Here are a few suggestions to help you break down the barriers and get that pedicure you so desperately want.

Self Assuredness

For men, this is probably the most important part of getting a pedicure. Having enough self-confidence to march into a salon, head for the pedicure stations, and enthusiastically undergo the treatment may be the single biggest obstacle. Pulling off the pedicure comes down to having the self-assuredness to disregard whatever anyone may be thinking and do it.

There is no practical reason why men shouldn’t get pedicures or be embarrassed about getting one. Most insecurity comes from the perception many men have that they will be viewed as less masculine or homosexual by getting a pedicure. When you’re comfortable with yourself and your sexuality, and your feet, you’ve achieved the hardest part about pulling off a manly pedicure.

Improved Foot Health

Many men are on their feet all day, often working jobs involving hard, manual labor. This is all the more reason to take care of your feet. A pedicure can often be just what men need to promote foot health. Trimming the toenails, cleaning the cuticles, and exfoliating skin to help reduce calluses and buildup of dead skin are all part of the pedicure and a top reason to get a pedicure as a man.

Also, there is nothing like a foot massage. Many pedicures feature a quick foot massage to promote relaxation before the treatment. You know you have the desire to get off your feet and take off your shoes and socks. This is the ideal opportunity to do that. Sometimes pulling off that manly pedicure is just a matter of wanting to get off your feet bad enough and get a quick massage.


For women, the aesthetics of a pedicure are sometimes the most important factor. This can be the same for men as well. Presenting healthy, clean toes and feet can improve your self-confidence and keep your feet looking nice all of the time. You don’t have to be obsessed with your looks to pull off a pedicure, but taking a certain pride in your appearance is a requisite to getting a successful manly pedicure. Many men don’t pay enough attention to their feet during the day, so a pedicure can be a great way to start taking an interest in your feet and toes.

Break Down Stereotypes

As mentioned above, pedicures are heavily associated with women, metro sexual and homosexual men. Pulling off that manly pedicure can ultimately come down to a desire to break down stereotypes. If you’re a burly man who hauls heavy things around all day and generally looks the part in every way imaginable, you need to get a pedicure. The more men of every physique and walk of life getting pedicures, the less power these stereotypes will have in making pedicures sexually exclusive.

By Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn writes on beauty school in St. George UT, cosmetology, and tips for getting a pedicure as a man.

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