Janette’s 5 Top Kitchen Trends

We visited designer Janette Ewen at a recent design show to tour a booth she designed for Samsung and while we were there, she shared her 5 top kitchen trends for this year!

Black stainless is the new look for appliances. What’s great about black stainless is it’s neutral so you can go very, very modern, rustic, minimal, etc. No matter what look you are going for, it’s going to look so great.

The party drawer is my must have for your fridge. This is so great; you can keep all your wine, your champagne and your party trays in place and it’s easily accessible when you’re entertaining.

For floors, I’m loving herringbone flooring! We’ve having a lot more fun with how we lay out our kitchen floors, and I think that a herringbone design is very classic, but it has a nice modern touch and it would compliment any home.

Global crossover is another trend I’m seeing a lot of. I like to do this with my place settings, perhaps a bit of a Scandinavian vibe with the place mats, and then added in some California rustic touches with a cactus which is also a nice take-home gift for your guests. I’m really inspired by Ojai California where they blend a lot of designs.

My fifth and final trend is to have fun and save a little on budget. If you have a kitchen that has existing wooden cabinets or a rustic counter top, don’t be afraid to use it! Just juice it up with a little fresh coat of paint.

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