London Inspired DIY Welcome Mat

Dear Marc:
I’m psyched about the Olympics being in London this year. I spent a summer there after college and it was one of the best summers ever! I want to have something British-inspired in my apartment to display during the Olympics but I’m working on a really tight budget. Do you have any ideas?

Dear Jenny:
Every four years, athletes from around the world compete for the spotlight! It’s an exciting time where patriotism and a sense of pride for one’s country comes into play.

We felt this overwhelming feeling when the Olympic torch made its way to our country’s west coast in the winter of 2010. Now, we see our athletes compete oversees with the same triumphant spirit that we saw then and with great pride we cheer them on!

As an ode to the city of choice for this year’s Olympics, the Union Jack has been in the lime light in both fashion and design. We’ve seen it on pillows, chairs, accent tables and much more! Today, we’ll learn how-to paint a welcome mat with the Union Jack pattern and show homage to the Olympic’s residing city.

– Welcome Mat
– 2 Quarts of Para Paints
(Colours: Palm Reed Fan – P5226-51 and Major Reno – P5226-14)
– Paint Brush
– Frog Tape

Step 1:
Choose a mat that paint will adhere to.

Step 2:
Create a Union Jack pattern using Frog Tape.

Step 3:
Paint the Union Jack in shades of brown and white. Let dry.

Step 4:
Proudly place your welcome mat in your entrance way and enjoy!

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