Luxury Log Cabin in the Woods

People wanting to flee from their hectic lifestyles can now rent luxurious Beavers Bend cabins for an incredibly reasonable rent rate. These striking cabins are nestled off the main highways in a private and quiet wooded 65 acre property. Spending time in a spectacular nature setting like this one allows individuals to kick back and unwind. The accommodations are inviting, and the cozy furniture is divine. Guests have awesome views of the outdoor scenic landscape. Authentic brick or stone fireplaces allow a warm atmosphere that feels wonderful. Country decor accents the lavish wooden beams, walls and marvelous flooring.

Plush comfy beds make individuals feel like Goldilocks who found lodging to her liking. Some of the log cabins sit along peaceful water, and boat slip rentals are available. For those wanting a cool boat experience, renting an amazing houseboat might be just the thing. Guests can alternately rent sleek canoes and splendid kayaks for water fun that will be remembered for years. Picture yourself floating leisurely down a river or racing across the nearby lake. There is fun for all ages here, and there are more thrilling activities just a few moments away.

Nature enthusiasts will love this woodsy habitat. With plenty of intriguing walking trails, there are boundless occasions to admire the surrounding property. Some individuals might prefer biking along the trails instead, and bicycles are also rented on site. Those that enjoy fishing will revel in this location that keeps fish stocked for added fishing satisfaction. There are so many activity possibilities that everyone should easily find some pursuit enjoyable. Simply sitting outside on a welcoming porch or deck can be entertaining enough. Guests can see local animals up close in their natural environment. Large picture windows in the spacious cabins allow inside guests a perfect seat to admire the glorious scenery and lush foliage.

This secluded location is perfect for a work or church retreat. There is a stunning community building that can fit 45 people. The tranquil environment makes a terrific place for meetings and enjoyable getaways. The community building can also be rented for birthday parties and bridal showers. Some of the nearby log cabins sit along the water’s edge. An ideal location to sit quietly and meditate or indulge in a good book. There is wifi included, for those that must stay in touch. Large screen TV is another bonus that comes with the log cabin rental price.

Individuals can take a refreshing horse back ride along scenic trails. Another fun family event is playing miniature golf at this site’s 9 hole course. This is one vacation that can bring families closer together, and provide a romantic setting for a couple’s retreat. Guests that stay on off popular season times will get a bargain rental price. Linen and cleaning are included within the rental fee. This backwoods setting boasting luxurious benefits is perfect for a romantic weekend or a weekday escape. This locale would make an appreciated gift for someone close.

Consider escaping the everyday hassles and responsibilities of life. Check out this serene country retreat, and book a reservation today. There are few places that could compare to the utter beauty and complete tranquility found here. Beavers Bend has many reasons to stay, including exquisite log cabin rentals.

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