Mother’s Day Gifts that Keep on Giving


If you ask any mom she will tell you that not a day goes by that she isn’t thinking about, or worrying about, her children.  Therefore Mother’s Day is a time to show how much you appreciate all the time, worry, and love that she has put into raising you.  Show your mother that you think about her as much as she worries about you.  Give her a gift that is a constant reminder of your love for her.  Here are some ideas:

Make the traditional unique. While picture frames and greeting cards are thoughtful, make your gift spectial by purchasing ones that allow you to leave a message with a voice recording on it.  Whenever your mom reads the card, or looks at the picture in the frame, she can hear your sweet voice accompanying it every time.

Sponsor a child. A monthly donation to a charity such as Christian Children’s Fund of Canada ( will not only be a regular reminder of the difference being made in her name, but she will also receive a letter and photo of her sponsored child so she can learn about the needs of those in other countries.  This gift shows her that she has raised you to follow her example of responsibility and compassion.

Purchase a magazine subscription. Select a magazine that matches your mom’s interests and order a full year’s subscription.  Each month when she receives her gift, she will remember how much you love her.  This will also remind her to take some time to relax and indulge her interests each month.

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