What NOT to Get Your Mom on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, we do try our best to get her something that we didn’t get her last year, like the rock concert tickets to YOUR favorite band. She’s a special lady, so we are going to give you a list of things to NOT get her. Hope it helps!

Bad Gift #1: An I.O.U for ANYTHING!


Doesn’t matter if you owe her money or whatever the situation. DO NOT give her an I.O.U!

Bad Gift #2: A (Supposed to be cute but isn’t) T-shirt


There are many t-shirts that are supposed to be funny, but most times ,are not the most appropriate for your Mom’s taste. T-shirts are just a bad idea!

Bad Gift #3: A Shoe Horn


This more than likely is something she either already has or really doesn’t want. Stay away from it.

Bad Gift #4: A Broom and Dustpan


C’mon! Really?! Make sure it’s a gift that is more personal.

Bad Gift #5: Oven Mitts


Not only is this a bad idea, but it also shows you didn’t put much thought into it and may get you a boot in the butt!

Bad Gift #6: A Shake Weight


First, they don’t work and second, yeah, I won’t go onto the second and third reasons. lol

Bad Gift #7: Wilted Flowers


Yes, there are some out there who can afford something beautiful ,but don’t. Need I go on? I’m not saying that finances for everyone is the same, (Lord in Heaven knows I’m not rich). If finances are an issue, make a collage. It doesn’t cost a lot to put some pictures on a poster board.

Bad Gift #8: A Cheesy Sweater


Yes, your mom loves cats. Do you really think she wants a cat sweater? Probably not!

Bad Gift #9: Weight Loss Books


There is getting or wanting to be healthier but then there’s some people out there that don’t think at all. Never give your darling mother,( no matter how you feel about her ) a weight loss book. Even if she asks for it! Trust me; you will thank me later.

Bad Gift #10: Facelift or Botox Treatment

You would have to seriously not be thinking of her when you purchase something like a facelift coupon or botox treatment gift certificate. What says I think your face is droopy and sagging more then those two things?

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