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Dear Marc:

I have been seeing furniture pieces in magazines that are paired together without being a traditional “furniture set” you would buy in a big box store but rather pieces carefully chosen and placed together to create a unique design style. How do I recreate this look?


Dear Gina:

Homeowners want to personalize their homes. Cookie cutter design is passé! Everybody wants a unique room that you won’t find in every other home in the neighbourhood. Designers have been experimenting by using the style I call “Mixing/Matching Furniture” which has become quite trendy for 2010. The way to successfully recreate this look is to find contrasting pieces of furniture all having the same visual weight. Visual weight has nothing to do with the actual physical weight of the object but rather how much air space each object is occupying. In order to determine each object’s visual weight, place two objects side by side and see if one of the objects seems visually heavier than the other. This is a technique that is used most often by designers when looking if a room’s design is balanced. Does one side of the room have more visual weight than the other? Once you have mastered the art of determining an object’s visual weight simply find an object that has the same visual weight and mix and match the pieces with different fabrics which you can contrast or blend together. Have fun and remember design is all about expressing one’s style!

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