Proper Form: Bicep and Hammer Curls


Do you have a pair of dumbbells sitting in your basement, unused and neglected? Well, we have a simple exercise you can do at home to put those forlorn dumbbells to good use.


How to do a proper bicep curl:

First, make sure you’re standing up straight and tall, with no arch in your back. Once you’ve got the dumbbells in hand, there’s a few different ways you can perform the exercise.

  • Moving both hands simultaneously in an up down motion, with your palms facing out, bending at the elbows.
  • Moving one hand at a time in an up down motion, alternating between your left and right arms.
  • Turning your palms so that they face each other, then proceeding with the same up down motion, bending at the elbows. This is called a hammer curl.


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