Spinning For Fitness

Photo Source: shape.com

Photo Source: shape.com


As the weather starts to cool down, you might be finding it hard to get out for that jog, walk, hike or bike that you normally would; which is precisely why indoor fitness activities, like spinner, exist. Taking a spinning class is a great way to keep yourself motivated and in shape over the winter months, when you honestly need it most. In addition to getting a great, full body work out, spinning class has the added benefit of taking place in a group setting, with music and an energetic instructor to keep you pedalling and coming back for more. Once you’ve decided to spin, your next step is picking a type of spinning class suited to your unique preferences, abilities and fitness goals.



Terrain-based classes simulate outdoor cycling, meaning that movements like uphill biking, sprints and interval training are incorporated into the class. Some terrain-based classes even simulate situational resistances, such as wind.


Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle classes focus not just on the physical aspects of spinning, but the atmospheric aspects. Emphasis is put on things like music and ambiance, going as far as having classes candlelit. Soul Cycle also utilizes hand weights to get an even more comprehensive workout.



A fusion class integrates multiple fitness disciplines in addition to cycling in an effort to heighten your workout experience. This can include floor work, like Pilates, stretching, and while advancing into the class, using weights, stationary jogging, amongst others. The main perk of fusion classes, for the instructor and participants alike, is flexibility when it comes to crafting the workout experience.

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