Stroller Exercises for New Moms


Finding exercises to do while taking care of a baby has proven difficult for parents. A new spin on the classic stroller has made it a lot easier for families to get outside and workout. The Bugaboo Runner is designed specifically for people who want to go for a jog and need to bring their baby with.

Always remember to buckle your baby in and use the safety strap when using the Runner. The strap goes around your wrist to ensure that the momentum buildup from running doesn’t result in you accidentally letting go of the stroller.

The stroller’s design allows for a good, upright posture and is used best when you leave some space between yourself and the Runner.

Using a Runner gives you an added bonus as pushing even a small baby is more work than just jogging would be – it’s a great added workout.

Before going out with the Bugaboo Runner, it’s recommended that you plan your route and practice turns. The stroller has a fixed front wheel so you have to get into the habit of lifting and turning.

The final thing to do is make sure your baby is ready to go and happy. Bring along some toys and snacks and remember to dress them properly. While you’re working up a sweat, they’re sitting still and catching a breeze. Once they’re ready, you’re good to go!


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