Stylized Western Wear

Western wear is not reserved for cowboys or their fans; everyone from celebrities to beauty queens to stylish lovers of this type of Americana includes this clothing culture into their daily duds. Incorporate western wear into your wardrobe easily by highlighting the latest fashion trends with cowboy couture. A little kid looks adorable in full on cowboy regalia, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, jeans, denim shirt, belt buckle and holster. It may be harder for the over ten crowd to pull off such a wild Western outfit outside of Texas, but adults can modernize the cowboy look or simply mix in a few statement pieces.

Fall and winter easily lend themselves to boots, and cowboy boots have retained their rightful place as one of the go to footwear options for cooler weather. Skinny jeans are perfect for cowboy boots as the boots easily slide over the slim leg and stand out in their full glory. Currently brightly colored skinny jeans are very of the moment. For a ladies fall ensemble a colorful long sleeved sheer button up blouse over a pair of boldly colored skinny jeans looks very fresh with cowboy boots. Boots with bright colors and adornments increase the style factor and carry out the color craze.

Denim and cowboy boots is always a great fashion combination. Make this look very feminine and flirty by pairing a denim skirt with cowboy boots. For cooler weather a pair of tights, think patterned or jewel toned, is an easy addition. Swap out classic western boots for the latest craze of cowboy booties. Many fashionable stars have been photographed pairing these hot cowboy booties with fall dresses. This is another great way to really feminize the western look. Add a hot hued cardigan on top, look for added character with unique buttons, and a cowgirl hat to pull off the look. Fall hair trends of loose waves or interesting braids look great cascading out of one’s cowgirl hat.

For those looking to embrace the full western look, keep this fashion fresh by adding a twist. A tailored plaid shirt, designer jeans, custom cowboy boots that would make Taylor Swift envious, a great leather belt, bejeweled belt buckle, cowgirl hat and one is ready for a country music concert, a night out in Texas or a day riding in high style. Men can also capitalize on the whole western look by playing up the rugged edge with a stylish flannel button up, distressed jeans, their most loved pair of cowboy boots, a leather belt complete with a belt buckle, and a cowboy hat on top.

Men also have the option of stylizing that look by taking a page from some of Country music’s biggest stars. By doing a head to toe western look all in solid black, it immediately adds an air of mystery as well as stylish sophistication. Well-polished black leather cowboy boots, black jeans, a black long sleeved button down shirt, black belt, and a black cowboy hat culminate in a swoon worthy variation on the complete cowboy style.

Dressing up with western wear is not reserved for men, many women have added a pair of cowboy boots to super glam outfits for an over the top surprise factor that comes off as the ultimate couture look. Style and fashion are about showcasing one’s personal style, and thus many brides have picked up a trend that some attribute to Reese Witherspoon. On her wedding day in 2011, Reese Witherspoon added a pair of cowboy boots to her wedding gown at the reception for a personal flair as well as comfort. Many brides have made this trend their own either by wearing cowboy boots for the length of the event, this makes for really great pictures when brides flash a peak of this unexpected bridal boot, or by incorporating the theme with their bridal party. Bridesmaids in boots and groomsmen in cowboy hats display the fashion of the newlyweds with a burst of personality.

There are many ways to incorporate western style into everyday fashion. Cowboy boots are one of the hottest trends of the moment, and since they are made to last a lifetime, purchasing a few favorite pairs is a great investment.

Michael Young is the owner of & Young’s Western Wear a 3rd generation western wear business in Valentine Nebraska.

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