The “What ifs”

Dear Marc;

I have been looking at paint swatches for the past six months and can’t seem to choose a colour for my bedroom. I have looked at other spaces, flipped through magazines and asked numerous friends but everybody seems to have a different opinion and they all very convincing! Their colour selections are mossy green, chocolate brown, or teal for the wall colour. What is the best and easiest way to choose a colour?


Dear Betty;

You are having what I call a case of the “what ifs”. What if I paint my room blue and it looks too bright? What if I paint my room white and it looks too plain? Well Betty, I believe you are afraid if you don’t choose the “perfect” colour for your bedroom it won’t turn out like the pages seen in magazines or on television programs. I can honestly tell you that I have a way for you to integrate many different colours in your space on a limited budget. I would suggest starting with a primary colour which you will use on your four walls. The primary colour should be a neutral colour which can either be white, a shade of brown or a shade of gray. For a bedroom, taupe, a shade of brown, is a beautiful, peaceful, neutral colour and works well with all the colour selections your friends have provided.  Apply your neutral taupe colour to your walls, and use your friend’s colour selections as your accent colours. I would suggest using the chocolate brown as one accent with the other being teal or mossy green. You can apply your accent colours in your bedding, lamp shades, window coverings or in an area rug. Your room’s overall look will be peaceful yet exciting and without the demand of using “risky” colour schemes. Remember, trust your instincts and enjoy your new space!

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