Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen


Should you hire a professional designer?

Of course, we’re not opposed to DIY-ing, but when you’re tackling something as extensive as a complete kitchen reno, enlisting the help of a professional may not be a bad idea. First, consider your own skills. If you come from a background that has little to do with home renovation, look into hiring a professional, at least for a consult.


Can you steal space rather than building new

If you’re planning on expanding your kitchen, one way to get the best bang for your buck is to “steal” existing space for your project, from areas like hallways and closets that you no longer use. Recapturing old space within the confines of your home will always cost less than building new.


You don’t have to replace everything

Another way to combat the hefty price tag that comes attached to a kitchen makeover is to consider keeping some of your existing hardware. First, survey what you have and if these things absolutely must need to be replaced. Can you salvage things like cabinetry hardware, windows, appliances or plumbing fixtures. Keep in mind that your old appliances, so long as they’re in good condition, might end up looking refreshed amongst new cabinetry and floors. Another option to consider is laying your new flooring over top of the existing material, which will save you the costly ripping out process.


Consider kitchen automation

Kitchen automation is more than just a popular trend. In 2017, advancing technology has made it possible for the kitchen to be chock full of efficiency-increasing appliances and fixtures that ensure ultimate user-friendliness and environmental sustainability. You don’t have to go automation-crazy, but do your research and consider including a few advanced fixtures as to ensure your kitchen is updated and able to compete with other houses on the market should you choose to sell.


Consider how long you’re planning to stay in the home

If your reasons for renovating center around putting your home on the market, either immediately or in the near future, consider opting for what is called a “cosmetic” renovation rather than an extensive one. This simply means taking a targeted and cost effective approach to renovating, such as painting your old cabinetry rather than replacing them.






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