Tips for a Successful Family Fishing Trip

A family fishing trip is a great way to connect and bond with the family.  Here are a few tips to make sure your trip is memorable – in a good way!

fffff1. Decide where your are going:  One of the first steps in planning a successful fishing trip is to decide where you are going.  Ideally,  you would like to go somewhere where the fish are plentiful.

2.  Build Up Anticipation:  Before you head out on your adventure, it’s a good idea to start talking about it;  especially with younger kids.  Talk about where you are going, read you kids books on fishing and show them pictures.  Tell stories and let you child ask questions.

3.  Rules and Expectations:  Before you leave for the trip;  you need to take some time (a day or two ahead)  prior to go through the rules and what expectations you have for your children.

4.  Be Prepared:  This is important;  whether you are taking your kids or just the guys.  Accidents will happen and you want to be prepared with safety devices, a first aid kit, etc.  Your local hunting outfitter can help you put together the necessary safety precautions.

5. Choose Your Bait:  The type of bait you use will vary depending on where you are fishing and what you want to catch.  It could be as simple as a bucket of worms or red wigglers or pieces of flimsy  rubber.  This is where taking the time to research the area and the local fish population will come in handy.

ff6.  Bring Bobbers:  If you bring bobbers, it will be easy to see if you got a bite.

7.  Make it Fun:  Fishing can be a lot of fun when you’re getting bites and reeling in fish;  but it doesn’t always happen that way.  Use this time to talk to your kids about nature around you, or whatever comes to mind.  If you have little ones , make up songs and stories.

8.  Relax:  While fishing for you may be a time of relaxing,  for younger children it is a time to explore and learn.  There will be questions asked.  Try to relax and be patient.













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