Top 5 quick tips to a fabulous new you

Every New Year is an opportunity to hit life’s refresh button and start new. Kick this year off on the right foot and take some time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Here are some lifestyle tips to help you maintain a healthy and balanced 2013:

1. Start your day with a glass of hot water and lemon. Not only does it help boost your metabolism but it leaves your skin looking youthful and fresh.

2. You’ve worked hard, so enjoy some downtime to revitalize the body, mind and soul. You can even have a glass of wine. Take a look at the variety available from skinnygrape, made by Roundpetal Wines a division of Andrew Peller Ltd. It is available in chardonnay and pinot grigio and is only 80 calories per 142ml serving.

3. Don’t skip your beauty sleep. Make this a top priority every night for a rejuvenated morning glow.

4. Try substituting mashed bananas for sugar in your baked goods. High in potassium, this is also a great way to control blood pressure.

5. Smile! Not only is this contagious but it’s a sure way to boost your energy and relieve stress.

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