Top Qualities of an Electrical Contractor

, Top Qualities of an Electrical Contractor

Electricity is an ever-present need in the modern world. Nearly every aspect of your life is touched by electricity in some way, from the food you eat to the obvious lights and computers you use. The wiring in your home is a potentially hazardous and delicate system that age, misuse, or poor planning can degrade. If you need electrical repairs Austin, you likely need a professional. Choosing one may seem a bit daunting at first, but here are some tips to help you with your selection. A good electrical contractor has three qualities that make him or her indispensible in any home improvement or maintenance project.


The first important quality is trustworthiness. When looking for electrical contractors in your area, there are several things you need to do. You should check the contractor’s references, perhaps get some recommendations from trusted friends or family, and check his or her Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. A BBB rating draws from customer reviews and complaints to grade companies on their trustworthiness, ethics, service, and customer satisfaction. Look for A or A+ rated contractors, the highest rating, for the greatest peace of mind.


You don’t want an untrained electrical contractor making your repairs any more than you would want an untrained plumber or mechanic. Electrical contractors are working on the nervous system of your home; they need to know what they are doing. When talking with prospective contractors, ask about their training process and how many years of experience they have. Generally, it takes four years for a contractor to finish his or her training. Make sure that the person you hire knows what he or she is doing. Shop around to make sure you find someone with the kind of experience you need.


Certification is a step beyond training. A trained electrician knows what to do, while a certified electrical contractor knows what to do, what not to do, and why. In addition to the basics of wiring of a home, your electrical contractor needs to have a firm grasp of your state and county codes. Check to see which local and national electrical trade associations work in your area, and double check your prospective contractor’s certification status.

Selecting the right contractor is important in any home-improvement or maintenance job. Looking for someone with these three qualities can help you ensure that the contractor you select will get the job done right.

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