Valentine’s Day Style Tips for Men

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you’ve got an upcoming date, the pressure to look sharp is likely on. Keep reading for our tips on impressing your date on this special day.


Rock your facial hair, but make sure it’s groomed

Showing up to a date, especially for one on a high profile day like Valentine’s Day, with three-day old stubble or a scraggly beard, may give your date the impression that you were unprepared or that you simply didn’t care enough to shave. Unless your outing is in the midst of exam season and you and your date happened to meet in the library cramming, take the time to trim your beard and shave your stubble.


When it doubt, opt for sporty

Generally, you can’t go wrong with a well-fitting sports blazer and a pair of nice jeans. This kind of look will work for most restaurant settings and hits that happy median between not trying enough or trying to hard.


Don’t underestimate the shoes

You may think a woman’s focus is on your face, but I know for a fact that the kind of shoes a guy wears says a lot about the kind of dresser he is and the kind of care he’s put into getting ready. Steer clear of your scuffed up work shoes, (and it should go without saying, but any kind of runner or sneaker), and opt for a simple loafer or oxford style shoe, free of scuffs, dirt and excessive wear.


Pay attention to detail

In the same vein as shoes, keep in mind that women pay attention to things like accessories, so it doesn’t hurt to throw in a nice watch, unique cuff links, a sharp tie or a stylish scarf into the mix. That said, be conservative with accessories, especially on a first-ish date scenario; (in other words, maybe save the fedora for another occasion).




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