Published on October 19, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Kick boxing is a fun way to stay in shape and spice up your workout routine. Tami Tyson explains some of the benefits of this activity and how you can do it from home!

In today’s fast paced world, more and more women are embracing the high-energy sport that is kickboxing. Want to know why this martial arts-inspired workout is so popular? Keep reading to find out.

It’s Unparalleled Cardio
Did you know aerobic exercise/cardio is better at reducing belly fat than resistance training, by burning an average of 67 percent more calories? Kickboxing is a fantastic form of cardio because it gets the heart pumping, making it not only an intense way to burn calories, but also an effective way to burn stubborn fat.

It’ll Tone Your Core
Due to the twisting motions you make with your abdomen, kickboxing works out your core muscles hard, while improving your coordination, flexibility, and reflexes at the same time.

You Can Do It At Home
Setting up a kickboxing mini-gym in your home is much easier than assembling bulky exercise equipment. It can be as simple as laying out foam matting, and hanging a bag. If you don’t have a ceiling beam or somewhere else safe to hang your bag, consider investing in a heavy stand.

It’ll Teach You Self Defense
Inadvertently learning some self-defense moves is an invaluable perk of the practicing this workout, and the act of training yourself to defend against a predator is empowering and motivating, to say the least.

It’s Fun
While also being an effective way to expel any anger, aggression, and stress, kickboxing can easily become a fun activity that you look forward to doing when you get home from work every night. This high-energy activity is great for liberating those coveting endorphins, helping manage stress, improve sleep, and provide mental clarity.


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