Published on November 22, 2016 by Marc & Mandy

How do you know what chores are appropriate for your child?  There comes a time when young children crave to help Mommy and Daddy any way they can. We have mommy expert Angel to guide us through this transitional time for parents.  Angel suggests purchasing kid sized cleaning toys such as brooms, mops and dust pans which are safe alternatives to adult sized.

To determine what chores are appropriate for kids, it is best to look at their ages.  Little ones can dust around the house and even use a water spray bottle to ‘’clean’’ windows. Next, picking up laundry and putting it in a basket, essentially doing trivial things that don’t necessarily need to be done perfectly.

Motivation is a huge factor in getting children involved in helping around the house.  Angel reminds us that again, it should be age appropriate.  For younger children, praise and words of encouragement are all they are looking for.  Older children might be motivated by earning money, video games, tv time or park time.  Having a nice reward for them after they have done their chores means a lot to them but doesn’t have to be expensive.

For the household to run smoothly, Angel suggests using a Daily Chore Chart that can be printed out weekly.  This chart can be kept on the fridge or a bulletin board for the children to know what is expected of them and to keep track of what has been accomplished as the week progresses. Children love to see lists being checked off or stars and stickers being added next to a completed chore.  What a sense of accomplishment for them at any age!


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