Published on June 8, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
If you have a deck, or are considering adding one to your property, you should probably consider a deck cover to protect your investment. In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask An Expert, Celebrity Designer Christine Da Costa asks Bob Newnham from Sunspace Sunrooms his expert opinion and advice on deck covers. Keep reading for their Q & A. 
Q: The sun umbrella on my deck is old and worn out. What should I replace it with?
Bob Newnham: At Sunspace, we have that question asked to us quite often. We find more and more, people are asking for our acrylic patio cover. The benefit of that is that it’s maintenance free, the typical lifespan is about 50 years, it blocks all of the UV, and it blocks up to 90 percent of the infrared. 
To learn more, check out the video above or visit the Sunspace Sunrooms website. 
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